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National Men’s Chorus
2401 Virginia Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20037

Phone 202-244-7191

Uniquely, among Washington’s top singing organizations, NMC does not require a formal audition. For 13 successful years, NMC has applied a “self-selection policy.” New singers quickly learn that advanced sight-reading ability, while a plus, is not as important as solid musicality and fast learning based on practice. This policy has produced, over the years, a high level of musicianship without sacrificing enthusiasm, and camaraderie.

Our singing excels because we love what we’re doing!

A good way to decide: sit in on one or two of our weekly, Tuesday night rehearsals. Chances are you will be pleased to rediscover the joy of singng.
Our artistic director, Thomas Beveridge, known for his ability to lead and inspire singers, has launched Sing With Us, a program aimed at attracting new talent. Applying his long experience as a teacher and mentor, Mr. Beveridge is offering new members personal coaching designed to enhance their individual singing and sight-reading abilities. Such coaching, free of charge to the singer, would be scheduled over the course of the season, with the expectation that both the Chorus and the individual would realize significant benefits.

For more information, contact Mr. Beveridge directly, (202) 244-7191.